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Manufacturing Web Design Case Study

Jet Stream International

Brandspire was approached by Jet Stream International in early 2020 to redevelop their website, which had been created using a proprietary content management system that made it difficult and costly to maintain. Jet Stream International also wanted an updated look that would stand up against its competitors’ websites.

We helped bring Jet Stream International into the next digital era with a website rebuilt in an open-source content management system, SEO strategy implementation, and training so internal teams could make basic updates.

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Helping a B2B Manufacturer Strengthen Their Online Presence


Jet Stream International’s marketing team wanted to retain a few features from their existing site that customers liked, including the vertical navigation. The existing website had no SEO either – not even basic H1 tags – so it ranked poorly on Google.


Brandspire helped Jet Stream International develop a website that was recognizable for their existing customers yet felt more modern for new leads. The original cross-reference search had many bugs which Brandspire effectively rebuilt from scratch.


The new website helped contribute to Jet Stream International experiencing growth during a global pandemic. The company’s traffic from Google increased steadily as the site started ranking for various important keywords it had never ranked before.

Website: Before & After

Jet Stream International needed a website that would be easy to maintain and update from the inside. Brandspire suggested using WordPress, an open-source content management system, which enabled easier development of their site as well as giving JSI’s marketing staff access for basic updates.

Project Deliverables

The new JSI website started to see some promising SEO results after the first few weeks of launch. The cross-reference search has a lot of traffic from visitors, which has turned into the second most viewed page on the website.

Search engine traffic grew rapidly with new website

The new website, with proper SEO structure in place, helped drive new traffic from search engines. The previous website averaged under 40% from search engines, the new about 55% each month.

A unique cross reference search was developed

We developed a search feature to compare thousands of competitors’ parts with Jet Stream’s equivalent parts. The search is easy enough for the internal team to log in and update as needed.

SEO helped rankings drastically increase

Jet Stream ranked poorly for even their branded name before Brandspire was hired. After the first few weeks, the company began to rank nationally for branded keywords and products.

A layout designed with mobile in mind

Although the previous website was technically responsive, it was very primitive and looked bad on most devices. We changed that so the experience is similar and consistent on any device.