Manufacturing / eCommerce Web Design Case Study

Mike Bartos’ PowerCenter

Mike Bartos’ PowerCenter is an American manufacturer of exercise and fitness equipment including the Stone of Steel, the first plate-loaded atlas stone on the market. The company services B2B/B2C clients including commercial gyms, military bases, and other facilities internationally.

Mike reached out to Brandspire in early 2021 to redevelop his existing website, which no longer accurately portrayed the high quality craftsmanship MBPC is known for throughout the industry.

Brandspire collaborated with MBPC to develop a website with a clean, aesthetically pleasing feel and clearly defined navigation which was lacking on the previous website. We also fixed numerous bugs and issues, including some shipping conflicts in WooCommerce.

Ryan working on laptop

Helping Strengthen a Gym Equipment Manufacturer’s Online Presence


The previous website had a number of issues. One of the biggest: an extremely poor navigation structure that filled up most of the page. The website also lacked a good SEO structure, resulting in the website not being easily found online.


Brandspire worked with Mike to develop a website that would better reflect the high quality craftsmanship of his products. We developed a layout with a sleek, modern feel that was easy to navigate. We also make the checkout process easier for customers.


Mike recently informed us that business has been growing steady since we launched the site. One notable highlight is the company has seen major strides in repeat business, as well as more sales online compared to phone calls and direct emails.

Website: Before & After

As displayed below, the old site’s navigation was set up in a very unusual way, which grew to take up most of the above the fold area (the part of the website shown before scrolling). We knew this needed to be addressed and we did so by creating a header featuring video of Mike and his products in action. 

Project Deliverables

With a better SEO structure in place, MBPC began to see some real results on Google after the first month. We noticed visitors were staying on the website longer and that the bounce rate significantly decreased by approximately 42%.

Increase in organic leads through Google

Traffic to the website increased since the relaunch, especially from Google and other organic sources. We also noticed an increase in average page views per visit and length visitors stayed on the website.

Easier, streamlined checkout increased conversions

By making it easier for visitors to check out, we noticed a substantial decrease in cart abandonment when compared to the previous website. This is largely due to the  easier checkout process.

MBPC gained higher SEO rankings for various keywords

Even for branded keywords, MBPC did not rank well on Google. With proper SEO structure in place, the company ranks well for keywords including “deadsled”, “pr platform”, and “circus dumbbell”

Facilitated photo shoots of products

Through our photography partner, we updated images on the website with professional photography to better represent the professional-grade quality of the products MBPC produces.